1q21 FISH Probe

Catalogue Number: FS-348

Intended Use: RUO
Chromosome: CSP 1
Aliases: /
Standard Design: Red 
Color: You may also choose to customize the probe to meet your needs. 

Dye Specification Sheet
Colour Red Orange Green Aqua
Absorbance Maximum 580nm 552nm 496nm 431nm
Emission Maximum 603nm 564nm 520nm 481nm

Gene detection and prognosis of multiple myeloma. 1q21 (CKS1B) is the most common genetic abnormality in multiple myeloma (mm). 1q21 amplification is often associated with the infiltrative phenotype of mm, with poor prognosis and rapid disease progression.

Code Test Kits
FS-348-05 5 tests 50 μL
FS-348-10 10 tests 100 μL
FS-348-20 20 tests 200 μL